Pistachio Cookies

Initially, my plan for today was to come up with a nice Christmas cookie recipe, as I did last year around this time, but I couldn’t come up with something nice and Christmassy that I actually felt like eating, too. I only knew I wanted to bake pistachio cookies, so in the end I just decided to ignore the obvious theme that’s been holding the blogosphere in its firm grip for the last month, and just bake pistachio cookies – plain and simple.

After buying the pistachios yesterday evening, I spent about an hour peeling them and trying to remove the skins  (which I just learnt is much easier if you boil the nuts for a while). My fingertips are still hurting, and I’m regretting not buying the peeled pistachios, even if they were more expensive. I listened to the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets while peeling though, so I did have some fun!

These cookies turned out really nice! They are crunchy and yummy and the pistachio flavour comes through beautifully. It’s very easy to make them, and I used the slice and bake method, which means rolling the dough in a cylinder shape, chilling it in the fridge and then simply slicing it into cookies. I only let the dough cool for about 15 minutes (because I was impatient), so my cookies didn’t turn out very neat or round. However, if you want neat, uniformly shaped cookies, I recommend chilling the dough for at least 3 or 4 hours.

Either way, they taste really good, so I recommend giving them a try!


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