Christmas has come and gone again, and I hope everyone has had a great one! In the Netherlands we’ve got First Christmas Day on December 25, and Second Christmas Day on December 26. In other words, two days of great food and fun!

On First Christmas Day my entire family came to celebrate Christmas at my parents’ house. How it works in our family is that everyone brings something for dinner: My mother made two huge pots full of soup, one of my uncles made stuffed baguettes, one of my aunts made a couple of salads and another aunt and uncle brought the dessert.

I managed get to be in charge of my favourite part; the cookies and cake to go with the coffee and tea! I made a beautiful lemon gugelhupf, and Bec’s delicious Cinnamon and Almond Swirl Cookies. Although the cookies didn’t exactly turn out as they were supposed to, they still tasted really great.




My mum and I also set up a cute little étagère with chocolates and sweets my father got in the Christmas gift box he received from his work.




For Second Christmas Day my parents and I were invited over for lunch at friends of the family’s place. I decided to bake something nice for that occasion as well, and went for a Banana Walnut Bread, which turned out really delicious, too!


I had a lovely Christmas, with lots of people I love around me and of course lots of great food. I’m really thankful for the fact I have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in this lovely way!

How was your Christmas?

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Hi! I'm Anne and I love reading, baking and writing about both of those things. Welcome!

5 thoughts on “Christmas!

  1. Nicely written and photos as welll! Could be intresting to read tye recipies of the cookies and the gugelhopf. Please put them on your blog! Hope you (and your parents) have a good start in the upcomming year!

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