A Belated Christmas Dinner with Friends

About two and a half years ago me and (most of) my high school friends graduated high school together, and after the summer of 2011 we all went to university. We’re all majoring in completely different things and we’re all very different people, but we vowed to stay friends after high school. Back then, my father warned me I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high, since most high school friendships don’t last very long after high school is over, especially if you’re with a group of ten different girls.

Now, though, he frequently tells me how great he thinks it is we’re all still such good friends.

We don’t see each other that often, but when we see each other it’s just like old times — actually even better, I think. Now we’ve all gone off to do our own things we’ve really each grown into our own personality and person. We’re no longer insecure teenagers, like most of us were back then, and we can just have fun together, even though we lead quite different lives these days.

In 2011 we decided we were going to have our own Christmas dinner. We divided the tasks and we all had to bring something — one couple made the entree, another the main course, and then another the dessert. And of course there were snacks and drinks that needed to be bought. We had so much fun that night, so we decided to do it again in 2012 and make an annual tradition out of it.

Yesterday we had our third annual Christmas dinner. A bit late, and not technically in 2013 anymore, but we didn’t care. It was just a lot of fun to all be together again!

I asked the girls if I could take some pictures and make a blog post about it, and of course they didn’t mind. The pictures are not my best work, but the night was about having fun and being together, which we totally succeeded in.

Oh, and girls, if you’re reading this; I love you guys and I’m so glad we’re all still friends!


Delicious nachos and home made guacamole as entree dish.


A really good risotto as main course.


For dessert one of my friends and I made brownies (we served it with ice cream and strawberry sauce) but it was all gone before I remembered to take a picture. Oops!

If you’re interested, click here for my brownie recipe.

It was a really great night (even though it was cut short abruptly because some of us had to catch the train home) and I already can’t wait for our 2014 Christmas dinner!

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