A Cupcake Celebration

One of my best friends spent the whole of last semester in Newcastle, studying abroad. I really missed her, and am glad she’s back again so we can get back to watching (Disney) films, drinking tea and talking for ages. She’s been back since the start of this semester and on Tuesday she texted me saying she’d passed all her courses in Newcastle and asking me if we could celebrate by baking something together the next day.

Who am I to say no to such an offer, right?

So, we decided to bake some cupcakes, and invite over the other two friends from our little group to help us decorate and celebrate and have fun! Which we did!


We used this recipe to make the cupcakes, and they came out absolutely beautiful and delicious…



…And then we continued to ruin them with buttercream (with red and blue food colouring) and sprinkles (which had practically all passed their expiration date — but eh, it’s only sugar)!


I’m just kidding, they weren’t really ruined. But I think we all agreed they tasted better without the sugar overload.

They looked pretty darn cute, though! Albeit quite rainbow-and-unicorny, but that’s fine. We all need some rainbows and unicorns in our lives from time to time, right?



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6 thoughts on “A Cupcake Celebration

  1. Songs will be sung about this memorable event 🙂 And hey – none of us that braved the expired sugar explosions have died as of yet 😛 And we have a hellofalot cupcake recipes to work on perfecting the sugar vs SUGAR balance (I vote for the s’mores next time)! x

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