Miss Craftsy’s Healthy Marzipan

I love marzipan. I love it on cakes (so much better than fondant!), in muffins and pies, and I love it as a sugary little snack on its own. So when Joyce from Miss Craftsy posted a recipe for a super easy healthy version of this sugary deliciousness I immediately got the urge to try it! Of course, if it was as good as Joyce said it was, I wanted to share it with you guys, so I emailed her to ask if I could translate her recipe and put it on Books Baking and Blogging. She said yes and the marzipan was delicious (all gone now, oops!) so here I am with the recipe!

But first, let me tell you a little bit about Joyce’s blog, Miss Craftsy. It’s one of the few Dutch blogs I follow, and it’s all about a healthy and happy lifestyle. She writes about healthy recipes (like this one), she reviews books that have to do with a healthy lifestyle and writes about many more things, like films, songs and her own life. I love her blog because it has such a personal feel to it, and it always cheers me up because of her cheery writing style and positive way of thinking. So, if you’re Dutch — go check it out!

Now, onto the recipe…


You’ll need… (for approximately 75 g)

– 50 g almond meal

– 2 teaspoons honey

– 2 teaspoons warm water

– a few drops of lemon juice

And that’s all! To decorate if you want to make them into little balls:

– a teaspoon of cocoa powder

– some crushed “kruidnoten

To make your marzipan, put all of the ingredients together in a little bowl and mix them with a spoon until they’re combined and look like a sort of dough. You can leave it like that and use it to spruce up a baked goodie (marzipan goes really well with tangerine or orange muffins, for example), or you can make them into little balls to make them into bite size sweets.

I got nine little balls out of this batch of marzipan, and then put them in the fridge for an hour to cool and stiffen. In the meantime, I crushed some kruidnoten (Dutch type of cookie (sort of), made of speculaas, see link above), and put a teaspoon of cocoa powder on a plate.

After the marzipan has been in the fridge for an hour, take it out, and roll the little balls in the cocoa powder or the crushed kruidnoten. You can also just leave them as they are. Joyce used flaked coconut in her recipe, so you could try that as well.

And that’s it for the marzipan! Told you it was easy!


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