My Bullet Journal Set Up for June

I’ve never made a video or a blog post about bullet journaling before, but I have been thinking about doing so for quite some time now. I love bullet journaling – it gives me a way to be creative while also helping me to keep track of things and capture memories. I don’t always go for elaborate designs or overall themes, but for the month of June, I did want to do something special. This month, the Make Your MythTaker readathon is taking place (you can find me TBR here!) and since I’ve chosen a pirate as my fictional character for this readathon, I figured I’d go for a pirate theme in my bullet journal as well. I even included an actual treasure map! In the video, I also tell you the background story for my character, Captain Anne.

While I have your attention, I also want to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement. We can’t ignore what’s going on around the world. Racism is still a huge problem in many societies and we need to speak up and stand up. This doesn’t have anything to do with politics; it’s about human lives. Police brutality in the USA (and anywhere in the world) has to end, and I stand with the people protesting. Please stand up, too, and help in any way you can, whether that be by speaking up, signing petitions, donating to the movement, or educating yourself (there are many good books out there!). If you want to know more about ways you can help, check out this resource. Don’t look away, don’t think this is not your problem. Racism is a problem created by white people, so we are the ones who need to end it, too.

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