Top Ten Songs I Wish Were Books


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

I haven’t participated in a top ten tuesday for a while, but when I saw this week’s prompt I was like oh hell yeah – let’s do this! Combining books with music? Right up my alley! It was pretty hard to think of some good songs I think should be turned into books, though, and I basically ended up with a list of some of my favourite songs (plus a few others) since those were the only ones I could think of. Of course, they are also the songs whose stories I know best – and I really would like to see these songs made into books!

So, here’s my list…

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Monthly Recap – May 2015

monthly recap may

May has now officially ended, so that means it’s high time I got another Monthly Recap together. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to recap this month, as it’s been uncharacteristically quiet over here. On Saturday I posted my first blogpost in over two weeks! As I explained in that post the reason why I’ve been away is that I’ve been working on my bachelor thesis pretty much non stop since I got back from London.

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The History of the Eagles Tour 2014 Amsterdam


Yesterday, my parents and I went to see the Eagles in concert, something I’d been excited about for weeks. And man, did it exceed my expectations! I don’t even really know how to put it in words properly, because they were just so good! Especially compared to the previous concert they gave in the Netherlands, which was in 2009, I believe. I was about 15 then, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them live, but that concert was pretty much at the end of their tour and you could tell they were exhausted — partly because they had considerably shortened their setlist.


This time, however, they played 27 songs and performed for 30 minutes longer than they said they would (which was awesome) and you could see they were enjoying themselves immensely. Especially Joe Walsh is still as crazy and energetic as ever!

The concert was set up really nicely, as they started at the very beginning, with just Glenn Frey and Don Henley playing an acoustic version of Saturday Night, and progressed through the history of the band (hence the name of the tour), introducing the rest of the band members as they went along. A really nice surprise was the appearance of former Eagle Bernie Leadon, who played with the other Eagles for a while.


My night already couldn’t be wrecked any longer when they started to play Doolin-Dalton/Desperado (reprise). It is my favourite bit of music ever and I had never expected them to play it live. Honestly, I was almost in tears during that song and couldn’t stop grinning.

This was a wonderful concert and I’m unbelievably glad I got to attend what might very well be the last Eagles tour!

For those of you interested, here’s the complete setlist.



An Equal Music by Vikram Seth

P1000811A chance sighting on a bus; a letter which should never have been read; a pianist with a secret that touches the heart of her music… An Equal Music is a book about love, about the love of a woman lost and found and lost again; it is a book about music and how the love of music can run like a passionate fugue through a life. It is the story of Michael, of Julia and of the love that binds them.

First published: 1999

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Baking Music

I love music. I love singing, I love playing guitar and I’ve always, always, got a song stuck in my head (at the moment it’s Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”, unfortunately, although I think this cover is really beautiful).

However, I prefer working in silence. For my studies I have to read a lot, and I get distracted quite quickly when there’s music playing in the background, especially if the music has lyrics. I always listen to the lyrics of a song, and they determine for a large part if I like it or not. Apparently this is quite strange, since most people I know don’t actually really pay that much attention to lyrics.

A side effect of this is that I always feel the need to sing along — hence the distraction; singing along while reading or writing doesn’t exactly work.

Still, though, music is a big part of my life and I couldn’t live without it. I often unwind from a long study session by putting on some music and dancing around my room, singing along and playing air guitar.

And then there’s baking… To me, with baking comes music.

As I’ve mentioned several times before, baking is therapeutic for me, but that therapeuticness (nice word, eh?) is determined for a large part by music. The first thing I do before I start baking stuff is put on some music — I just don’t enjoy baking even half as much if there’s isn’t some music playing, often at a considerable volume as well. I’ve got to have something to listen to and sing along with, even though I love the process of baking itself as well.

The albums I enjoy listening to most whilst baking are Unplugged by Eric Clapton,  Alchemy by the Dire Straits, (another) Unplugged by Bryan Adams and anything by the Eagles. Yes, I’m a bit of an old fart when it comes to music but music just isn’t what it used to be (that’s a completely different discussion, though!).

Somewhat recently I’ve added another album to this list of baking favourites, namely Bare Bones by Bryan Adams, which is a recording of an acoustic concert from 201o. I went to a similar concert in September 2013 and it was absolutely amazing, so this albums brings back great memories!

I also just realised that all of the albums I’ve mentioned are albums from live recordings. I guess it’s because those tend to have a more intimate or “real” feel to them.

I’ve put a few links below with a favourite song from each of the albums I mentioned (and one in general from the Eagles), and I would love to hear your thoughts on baking music! Do you prefer to bake in silence? If not, and you’re like me, what kind of music do you like to listen to while baking?

baking music collage

My Favourites (the links lead to YouTube)