Monthly Recap – May 2015

monthly recap may

May has now officially ended, so that means it’s high time I got another Monthly Recap together. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to recap this month, as it’s been uncharacteristically quiet over here. On Saturday I posted my first blogpost in over two weeks! As I explained in that post the reason why I’ve been away is that I’ve been working on my bachelor thesis pretty much non stop since I got back from London.

However, that also means I haven’t told you anything about my trip to London yet! Apart from my book haul, of course. London is my favourite city (apart from the city I live in), and I was really excited to go there again. This was my third time visiting, and it had a special reason this time: we (my parents and I) were going to see Eric Clapton in concert in the Royal Albert Hall! I hadn’t been this excited for something in a long time, because I’ve loved his music ever since I can remember. When I started playing guitar about 10 years ago, I remember saying “one day I’ll be as good as Eric Clapton!” Well, it’s safe to say that day hasn’t come yet, but my love for Clapton’s music has only grown since then.

20150515_211505The concert was so good. You wouldn’t have guessed this was a show to celebrate his 70th birthday from the way he still plays and sings and moves around – I was absolutely blown away! Seeing him live was very high on my bucket list, and I honestly didn’t really think it was going to happen, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was during the entire show, and the days after. It sounds really cheesy, but this was definitely a dream come true. Plus, visiting the Royal Albert Hall was an experience in itself as well. It’s gorgeous, and just oozes (musical) history.

We spent four days in London in total, and while Eric Clapton was obviously the highlight, just wandering around the city was amazing too. We walked to Notting Hill, visited Covent Garden and the British Museum and spent some time relaxing in the sun on the grass in front of Westminster Abbey, among other things. It was lovely!

And then we got back home and I had less than two weeks to write the entire first draft of my bachelor thesis, which I managed to do! It did mean I didn’t have any time to read or blog though, as you’ll see in the rest of this (somewhat sad) monthly recap…

Read this Month


Yep. That’s it. The only book I finished in the entire month of May is Eleanor & Park, and I was already reading it during the previous Monthly Recap. Of course, this is partly due to the ginormous beast of a book I am currently reading…

Currently Reading


I’ve been reading The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton since the start of May, and am over halfway through. Still got over 300 pages to go though, so I’ve got my job for the following few days cut out for me. I’m also technically still reading Dark Lies the Island by Kevin Barry, but other books have continually taken priority… I’ll finish it after I’ve finished The Luminaries, though!

Posts this Month

This is where it gets really awkward. There’ve only been three posts this month, one of which I already talked about earlier in this recap. Let’s list them all anyway:

And that’s it for this month! It was a busy one for me, but also a very, very, good one. How was your May?

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Recap – May 2015

  1. I would love to see Eric Clapton in concert; you are so lucky! I also really enjoyed your post about vacationing in Normandy.
    There is a monthly wrap up link at if you’re interested.

    1. Yes, I am very lucky and so happy I got to experience it! 🙂 Thank you very much, I’m glad you liked it! Oops, I’m a bit late with the link up now, haha.

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