Apple and Pear Pie

One of my very first posts on this blog was a recipe for a Dutch apple pieit’s a classic, and I still make it pretty often! It was my father’s birthday yesterday and I thought about baking that apple pie again, but I wasn’t satisfied with the idea. I wanted something a little bit different. So, I decided to add pears to the mix!

Pears go great with lots of flavours (like berries, the proof’s in the pudding this pear and berry crumble), so I figured I couldn’t really go wrong by adding them. I also added some ginger (love the pear and ginger combination) as well as some pecans, for that extra crunch. The pie turned out absolutely lovely!

I haven’t been posting a lot lately, because I’ve not been feeling great. I’m feeling tired constantly and haven’t had the energy for much besides the necessary. After doing a blood test, I found out I have a vitamin D deficiency, which explains a lot! Measures are being taken, so hopefully I’ll be back to having some more energy soon, but for now I’ll be taking it easy. I’m not sure what that means for my blogging schedule, but I’ve decided not to worry about it. We’ll see what happens!

For now, here’s the recipe for this delicious pie!


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Dutch Cream Cheese Pie with Fresh Fruit (no bake!)

Summer has finally made its way to the Netherlands! This means lots of ice cream, sun screen and sitting outside with a book. It also means there’s no way I’m going to put my oven on and actually bake something – and yet I have a recipe for you today. It’s a no bake cream cheese pie!

This pie, usually referred to as MonChou pie, is a bit of a classic in the Netherlands. It is made with Bastogne cookies, which I don’t think you can find outside of the Netherlands and Belgium, but these can easily be replaced with some other type of cookie made with caramelised brown sugar – or any other type of cookie you think might go well with cream cheese and fresh fruit (so, like, pretty much every cookie).

The classic MonChou pie uses canned cherries to top the cream cheese, but I figured I’d kick it up a notch by using fresh fruit – it is summer after all! I mainly used strawberries and also added some blueberries and raspberries, but you can use anything you like. I also added some lemon zest to the cream cheese mixture to give it that slight hint of tanginess.

The cream cheese/whipped cream mixture that forms the main part of this pie stays pretty soft, even after cooling it for several hours, so it’ll be a bit difficult to transfer the pieces to plates. In other words: it looks good as long as you don’t move it too much. Tastes absolutely delicious, though, no matter what form it’s in!


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