Storm! And Minion Cake

There’s a storm going on where I live right now. A few weeks ago we had quite a big storm as well, and back then I decided to just stay inside all day. Today, however, it’s Saint Nicholas’ Eve (as you might have read about in my previous post) and I’m going over to my parents’ house to have dinner and watch a film and just spend some time together. In other words; I have to leave my house, and that’s making me uneasy.

It’s not really the storm itself that’s bothering (scaring?) me so much — it’s much more the whole fuss that’s made about it. I’m not saying the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) is overreacting when they put out a code red; I mean, I’m sure they’re right. But code red does sound frightening, don’t you think?

I was supposed to have class at 2 pm, and had already decided not to go because, well, “eeep, scary!”, but then it got cancelled anyway because the university decided to close all its buildings for the day at 2 pm.

And I’m just sitting inside, drinking my tea, and looking out of the window every two minutes, unable to concentrate on anything.

A tiny panic attack because of loud thunder and a very loud Mr Blue Sky later…

So, what I really wanted this post to be about is the cake Jitske and I made this weekend (remember Jitske?). It was her boyfriend’s birthday last Tuesday and she wanted to make a cake for him, more specifically; a minion cake! Don’t know what minions are? I suggest you go watch Despicable Me right now, because damn, that film is amazing.

Where was I? Oh, right, Jitske wanted to make a cake looking like a minion for her boyfriend, and she asked me to help. I went over to her place on Sunday afternoon, and we spent the next four and a half hours on the most beautiful cake we ever made together. It wasn’t even done yet at that point, but I had to leave since I had promised to have dinner at my parents that evening. Our precious minion didn’t have arms and legs yet, so Jitske worked on a little bit longer and sent me a few pictures later that evening…



Look at him! Isn’t he adorable? I know he isn’t as smooth and flawless as some of the cakes you can find on Google Image (those are made through sorcery, I tell you), but we’re really proud of it! And, most importantly; Jitkse’s boyfriend loved it.

Cake before it became a minion

What with it being his present, however, I have no idea how it tasted. We didn’t use any particular “minion cake recipe” and just put some stuff together. Because the fondant is basically nothing but sugar (that’s what it tastes like, at least) we wanted the cake to taste a bit more fresh. So instead of going for a regular cake with whipped cream or butter cream in between the layers, we went for a lemon cake with lemon curd. I wish I could tell you it turned out delicious, but like I said — I don’t know.

I’m sorry if this post seems slightly haphazard but a storm like this one can really get into your head! It has died down a bit again, I think, so I’m going to see if I can catch the bus to my parents’ house now. Wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “Storm! And Minion Cake

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 Despicable Me is one of my favourite films! Have you seen part 2 as well? It’s great, too. I love those minions, they’re hilarious.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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