Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree(s)

Today I went home to my parents’ house to help them put up the Christmas tree. We’ve got a fake tree for a few years now, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to decorate it! We put on some Christmas music, I decorated myself with a sparkly garland that was too hideous to decorate the poor tree with, and we were ready to go…







See that one blue bauble amidst all the red ones? My father and I put that one in just to annoy my mother… 🙂

After dinner I went home again and while biking through the streets I looked into all the windows and saw Christmas trees and other sparkly decorations everywhere. It just made me feel so festive! So when I got home I put on some Christmas music again, and took some pictures of my own tiny little fake tree which has been making my living room look Christmassy for about two weeks now…






Christmas, come at me, bro, because I’m ready and I can’t wait!


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