An Autumnal Walk in the Woods

Last year around this time, I wrote a post about how much I loved autumn and I added some pictures I took of the autumnal colours while walking around my neighbourhood. So when my father asked me this morning if I felt like going with him to a wood in the area for a nice walk, I immediately thought “ooh, that might make for a nice blogpost.” Yep, I’m that person these days (and proud).

We drove out to the Noordlaarderbos and just started walking, stopping here and there to take pictures. There were mushrooms everywhere, in different stages of decomposition, and they were of course hugely photogenic.

It’d been ages since I had actually been in a wood, but it just reminded me of how much I love it. It has quite a relaxing effect on me and I also started to feel sort of inspired. It’s similar to how I feel when I’m at the beach.

My father and I had a great afternoon and I ended up with some lovely autumnal shots. I took almost a hundred photos, but these fourteen are my favourites. Let me know what you think of them in the comments!


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Two Weeks on Gozo

As some of you may know (especially if you follow me on Instagram) I recently got back from a holiday in Malta. I spent two amazing(ly hot) weeks with four of my best friends on Gozo, the second island of Malta, in a beautiful village called Xlendì. We’d rented an apartment there, which turned out to be much bigger than we expected, and we had a wonderful time there.

Those of you who’ve been around for a while might remember my ginormous post on the four days I spent in Barcelona last summer. Don’t worry, this post isn’t going to be nearly as long! I just figured I’d give you a little taste of what our two weeks there were like with a couple of pictures and some text. (edit: this post turned out longer than expected anyway – I really can’t help it!)


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A Week in Normandy

Last week (the first full week of May) I went on a little vacation to Normandy, France with my parents and one of my best friends, Yvonne. When I was still in high school we used to go there, to a tiny village called Anneville (nice, eh?), pretty much every year, but I hadn’t been back there since the year before my graduation because of university obligations and all that jazz. This time, I did have time to go (more or less — I took my laptop with me), and it was so good to be back!


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One Autumn Day


When people ask me what my favourite season of the year is, I never know what to answer them. The only thing I know for sure is that it’s not winter (too cold). And probably not summer either (too hot).

That leaves two other options, though, and they both have some very appealing features. There’s spring, when the trees are starting to grow new leaves, and everything is coming back to life. It’s such a happy time of year, with crocuses sprouting in every nook and cranny you can find.

This year, however, I’m very much inclined to say autumn is my favourite season. While I was dreading its arrival at first, I’m embracing it now. I love wearing warm sweaters and drinking even more tea than usual (if that’s possible). And the colours.

When I woke up yesterday and opened my curtains I looked out on a bright blue sky and the most beautiful autumn colours. I decided to bring my camera on my walk to the supermarket and make use of the most extraordinarily beautiful autumn day. I had a spring in my step, and the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Yes, right now, autumn is my favourite. But I’m pretty sure it’s a seasonal thing.

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100 Happy Days – Week 14 (and final days)

I haven’t been around here much in the past week because for some reason I felt like I really needed to take a little break. Especially after the emotional and personal post I wrote a week ago (on which I got a lot of positive response, thanks everyone!). But now I’m back again, and I hope to get back to my regular schedule soon. First on the list is wrapping up my 100 Happy Days challenge!

Today was the 100th day of my challenge! It’s kind of a weird feeling, being done and all, and I still haven’t decided if I want to continue posting these happy days photographs or not. It’s been a lot of fun, and certainly made me appreciate the little things of every day more, but it was also one extra thing to have to worry (or think) about each day. So I think I’m just going to let the 100th day be the final day, and see if I’ll miss it or not.

You can still follow me on Instagram, though.

Anyway, here are the last 10 days of the challenge! I hope you have enjoyed me sharing these happy moments for fourteen weeks. Tell me, would you like to see me continue this? I’d appreciate the feedback!

week 14 - 15

Day 91: Mmm, Mexican food!

Day 92: Joined literary student association Flanor today and got this book for free!

Day 93: Had a fun night out at Night of the Songs tonight! I’m covered in beer now, though, but that’s what showers are for.

Day 94: Friends who make the perfect mojito are the best. (love you, Lou!)

Day 95: Ben & Jerry’s is the best way to make me happy.

Day 96: I love the beach! Will be spending the weekend here on Texel with my dad.

Day 97: Still loving Texel! The beach is definitely my favourite place in the world.

Day 98: Texel was a lot of fun! It’s good to be able to sleep in my own bed again though.

Day 99: Spontaneous trip to the cinema with a friend! Saw a wonderful French film of which I’ve already forgotten the name.

Day 100: I love walking around markets! There’s always so much to see and smell and people are always friendly.

And that’s it! This challenge was so much fun to do. If you want to join in the fun as well, here’s the link to the website of the challenge!

100 Happy Days – Week 13

Wow, only ten days left to go! It’s going to be weird to not post a happy days picture every day anymore… Although I could just keep going of course, but I don’t think I will. This week had its ups and downs, but there were definitely some very happy moments!

week 13

Day 84: Really looking forward to starting this one tonight!

Day 85: Look at them gorgeous strawbs!

Day 86: Had a nice time with my friend Fooke today, just getting a quick drink together.

Day 87: Had a great time at my cousin’s birthday party but forgot to take a picture, oops! Now doing a bit of reading before bed.

Day 88: Pizza and tv shows and YouTube videos with my friend Yvonne! Good times!

Day 89: Mmm, risotto a la mama!

Day 90: Cards against humanity and wine!

Those were my happy days! How was your week?

Barcelona in Four Days (and a lot of words)

A little over a week ago I got home from my trip to Barcelona, the city of Gaudí. I went together with my mother, and we had a wonderful time, so I figured I would write a nice blog post about it. I made about 400 photos while there, but narrowed it down to 21. Man, that was hard! Barcelona is such a beautiful city and it left me quite overwhelmed, to be honest. Everywhere you look there is something really pretty to see (and photograph), so I didn’t even know where to begin to look. Anyway, let’s not start gushing right away, and take it day by day (wow, I should be a poet).

Day 1: Arrival and La Pedrera


On the roof of La Pedrera

We travelled by airplane, and arrived in Barcelona at the end of the afternoon. I’m not really fond of flying as I get quite nervous and stressed, but everything went smoothly, so we arived safe and sound! There was this very handy airport bus that dropped us off at Plaça Catalunya, which was quite close to our hotel, and we decided to walk that last bit. The heat made the walk with our big suitcase a bit of a chore, though, so I was quite cranky when we arrived. Seriously, I don’t do well in heat. Which was a nice foreboding for the rest of our stay…

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100 Happy Days – Week 12

This week was very relaxed — I got back from Barcelona on Saturday and caught up on blog posts and had fun with friends for the rest of the week. It was was just very nice and laid back, just what I needed!

week 12

Day 77: Drinking tea, eating ice cream and catching up on blogs and vlogs!

Day 78: So nice to spend an entire day on my own again. Now having a nice salad for dinner and watching tv shows.

Day 79: Yay, bubbles! They turn me into a seven-year-old… 🙂

Day 80: I finally have a fruit bowl! And it’s so pretty, I love it!

Day 81: Just made the most gorgeous little chocolate and banana cakes! They taste sooo good. (here’s the recipe)

Day 82: Beautiful day today! Just ate dinner outside, which doesn’t happen too often.

Day 83: Movie night with my friend Yvonne!

And that’s it for this week! How was yours?

100 Happy Days – Week 11 (Barcelona edition!)

As some of you know, I spent most of this week in Barcelona, with my Mum. We stayed in a lovely little hotel in the centre of the city, and we had a wonderful time! I will post an actual travel diary type thingy later this week, but for now, here are my happy moments of the past week!

100 happy days week 11


Day 70: Monty Python Live (mostly) live from the O2 arena! Exciting!

Day 71: Suitcase is packed! Tomorrow morning my Mum and I are off to Barcelona!

Day 72: Hellooo Barcelona! Nice weather, good food and gorgeous views! (and free wifi) – view of the city from the roof of Casa Milà

Day 73: Barcelona, you are so beautiful to meee! – the cathedral of Barcelona

Day 74: Spent 2.5 hours in and around la Sagrada Familia today. Beautiful!

Day 75: Our last night in Barcelona! We fly home tomorrow afternoon. Had a lovely time there! Such a wonderful city.

Day 76: Back in Groningen! Barcelona was amazing, but it’s good to be home again as well.

And that was my week up until yesterday! How was yours?

100 Happy Days – Week 10

I just got home from my grandparents, where we had a lovely barbecue with some family. Now I’m just in time to post week 10 of my happy days challenge! This week had some very hot days, so I didn’t do all that much, except hang out with friends and trying to stay cool (which wasn’t an easy feat — quite impossible, actually).

100 happy days week 10

Day 63: Last game in the world cup!

Day 64: Loving this T-shirt! It’s my dad’s, but I’m wearing it today.

Day 65: Mini housewarming at my friend Yvonne’s new place!

Day 66: Had a lovely dinner in the sun tonight with a friend.

Day 67: How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, ice cream and weird fluorescent drinks – life is good.

Day 68: It’s so hot in hur! At least there’s ice cream to keep me happy!

Day 69: BBQ with the family! Very happy moment!

On Tuesday I will be going on a small holiday to Barcelona with my mother, so that will hopefully make for some interesting happy days pictures!

How was your week?