Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Brownies

Chocolate orange cheesecake brownies — doesn’t that combination of words just make your mouth water like there’s no tomorrow? That’s what happened to me when I encountered those words on Facebook, and the picture that came with them didn’t help either!

I’ve been following Sorted Food on Youtube for a while now, and they keep amazing me with wonderful and creative recipes. They describe themselves as “a bunch of mates who are out to prove that you can have a bit of fun in the kitchen – cooking doesn’t have to be so serious!” Don’t let this statement fool you, though, they know exactly what they’re doing, mostly because one of them is a trained chef. However, there’s still plenty of banter in the kitchen and they always make me laugh.

I always enjoy their videos, but had never tried out one of their recipes (although this tiramisu cheesecake needs to be made). That is, until these brownies. As you might have read in my previous post, I am quite stressed out because of midterms, and that’s usually the time when I start to crave brownies. I was also feeling a bit bad for not having posted any recipes since the beginning of March, so this was the perfect opportunity to bake these mouthwatering lovelies: it gave me some distraction from studying and stressing, some delicious brain food and something baking related to post today. That’s like a ton of birds with one stone!


These brownies consist of a normal chocolate brownie base made even more delicious with an orange cream cheese filling. They are really easy to make and don’t take up a lot of your time — it’s the perfect treat for a movie night with friends or just as something nice to go with your cup of tea. Although, you really don’t need an excuse to enjoy these; they’re too delicious for that!

You can find the recipe here, on Sorted Food’s website.

I’ll leave you with some pictures I took while making these amazing chocolate orange cheesecake brownies!


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7 thoughts on “Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Brownies

  1. Omg, I shouldn’t click on this picture because now I’m salivating. I’m fasting but good thing I can eat in less than 1 hour. Look forward to trying out this recipe.

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