Left My Heart In London

This week my midterms started, which in my case basically always means a whole load of stress, even if I don’t have that much to do. I do some studying, interspersed with watching YouTube videos, playing guitar and checking my Facebook and Tumblr way too often. It’s all very tiring, really. I’m not even kidding — I don’t handle stress very well, and just get myself all worked up about all the things I have to do.

So then I just sit around and think about where I want to be instead, which lately has been London. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I visited London in the summer of 2013 with my friend Jitske and I really want to go back. I keep saying it to everyone who wants to hear it (or doesn’t): I wanna go to Londooon. For some reason I just really love it there, even though I’m usually not a fan of crowded streets and places.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted a recipe in a while, and with all the sitting around and daydreaming I’ve been doing I haven’t done a lot of baking either. So, I figured I’d just give you a little tour through my London daydreams…


Beautiful little fairytale house (?) in Kensington Gardens. This was on the first night we were there, and it had been an incredibly hot day (for all you Brits out there, remember those extremely hot couple of days in late July?). It was so refreshing to just sit in the grass and relax, and we kind of made a tradition of it for the rest of the week; we always sat in either Kensington Gardens at the end of the day, which was at a short walking distance from our hotel. Those were my favourite moments of the entire trip!


Our hotel was situated in the same street as the hospital where Kate Middleton gave birth to the new royal baby, and that actually happened during the days we were there. Fun anecdote: we also saw a royal helicopter land in Hyde Park, and saw Prince Charles and Camilla come out. That was fun, and unexpected.


This photo doesn’t really fit in the row of “photographs of parks and buildings” but I came across it and it just made my mouth water all over again. This was the first lunch we had in London, and man, it was delicious!


Just a little impression of my time in London the previous summer! It was lovely, and I hope to go back soon, although I’d like to visit some other English cities as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I also hope to be back soon with our regularly scheduled programming (wait, what?). With that I mean recipes; I haven’t baked anything since these blondies. There might be more posts like this coming your way, though, who knows. I don’t.

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9 thoughts on “Left My Heart In London

        1. I’ve never been up North, but I hope to go there some day too. I love England, and luckily the Netherlands is rather close by (especially compared to Sydney!).

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