Hazelnut Coconut Cookies (Cookie Rookie)

Remember that project I started a few months ago, called Cookie Rookie? No? I barely did, either, to be honest. The last Cookie Rookie attempt dates back to February, and I wasn’t really pleased with how those chocolate chip cookies turned out. However, despite having decided that cookies are perhaps not entirely my thing, I felt the urge to bake some this weekend, anyway.

I decided to more or less start from scratch again with the recipe, instead of basing it on my previous attempts, since I felt there was something not quite right with the base of those recipes. And I figured it out quite quickly; too much butter. I’m not a big fan of butter, so this time I only used 125 g of butter, which turned out to be a great decision! The chopped hazelnuts and flaked coconut also make for a wonderful combination, and these cookies generally turned out really delicious!

I’m quite proud of myself for figuring out this recipe on my own, despite being a cookie rookie. I hope you also enjoy these Hazelnut Coconut Cookies if you decide to make them!


You’ll need… (for about 30 cookies)

– 125 g butter

– 180 g light brown (caster) sugar)

– 1 egg

– 1 teaspoon of vanilla flavouring

– 225 g plain flour

– pinch of salt

– 60 g hazelnuts, chopped

– 75 g shredded coconut

– parchment paper (or a silicone baking mat)

– baking tray

– and an oven, of course! These cookies need to be baked at 180 °C (don’t forget to preheat your oven!)

So, let’s get baking!

1. Mix together the butter and sugar First of all, you need to mix the butter and the sugar together in a bowl. I didn’t melt the butter this time, as it was already at room temperature and quite soft. While I normally use a whisk when I’m making cookie dough, I decided to use an electric mixer (with dough hooks) this time, because I figured the dough would become quite solid and difficult to mix with just a whisk.

2. Add the egg, vanilla flavouring, salt and flour Next up, you have to add the egg and the vanilla flavouring to the mixture and mix it all together. Then, sieve the flour above the bowl (preferably in parts) and add the salt and, once again, mix it together. You’ll have quite a solid dough by now.

3. Add the hazelnuts and flaked coconut Now, add the chopped hazelnuts and the flaked coconut to the dough, and (you guessed it) mix. The electric mixer will probably have to work quite hard by now because of the firmness of the dough, but doing it this way is the easiest. I tried to use a spoon first, but that just doesn’t really work for mixing these last ingredients with the rest.

P10100934. Divide the dough over the tray and bake! Then it’s time to line your baking tray with the parchment paper, and divide the dough in little balls over the tray. I thought these cookies would spread out quite a bit while they were baking, but that wasn’t the case, so I suggest you put the cookies on the tray in the form you want them to end up in, more or less. Do leave some space between them, though! Once you’ve done that, put the tray in the oven and bake the cookies for 13-14 minutes or until they’ve turned slightly golden brown around the edges.

Let the cookies cool for a few minutes before putting them on a cooling rack to cool completely. And that’s it! I hope you enjoy these delicious cookies as much as I do!







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