100 Happy Days – Week 1

Exactly one week ago I set up an Instagram account for my blog (and myself), and not long after that I came across the 100 Happy Days Challenge. The name gives most of it away, really, but the goal for this challenge is to make (and post) one photo a day of something that makes you happy on that day, for 100 days straight. I thought it would be a really nice way to become more aware of the little things in life, and according to the website it’s also a way to become more optimistic. Plus, at the end of those 100 days you have a wonderful collection of happy pictures!

So, on Monday I signed up for the challenge and I’ve posted a picture on Instagram every day since then. I’ve also decided to post a weekly round up of my happy pictures here on my blog every Saturday.

Here are the first six pictures, with the captions posted underneath!

Click to enlarge

Day 1: Lots of green and cute little flowers in the alleyway behind my house after a rainy day.

Day 2: This pizza is making me VERY happy right about now!

Day 3Leftover carrot cake for breakfast because why not? The grapes are there to pretend this is healthy.

Day 4The sun is out again, finally!

Day 5: Fresh strawberries!

Day 6Did a bit of a cookie experiment today including hazelnuts and coconut and they turned out sooo good! Blogpost will be up tomorrow!

That was my first week of happy moments. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I recommend signing up for this challenge! It’s really a lot of fun. Tomorrow I’ll be back again already with the recipe for the hazelnut coconut cookies I made today.

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