100 Happy Days – Week 11 (Barcelona edition!)

As some of you know, I spent most of this week in Barcelona, with my Mum. We stayed in a lovely little hotel in the centre of the city, and we had a wonderful time! I will post an actual travel diary type thingy later this week, but for now, here are my happy moments of the past week!

100 happy days week 11


Day 70: Monty Python Live (mostly) live from the O2 arena! Exciting!

Day 71: Suitcase is packed! Tomorrow morning my Mum and I are off to Barcelona!

Day 72: Hellooo Barcelona! Nice weather, good food and gorgeous views! (and free wifi) – view of the city from the roof of Casa Milà

Day 73: Barcelona, you are so beautiful to meee! – the cathedral of Barcelona

Day 74: Spent 2.5 hours in and around la Sagrada Familia today. Beautiful!

Day 75: Our last night in Barcelona! We fly home tomorrow afternoon. Had a lovely time there! Such a wonderful city.

Day 76: Back in Groningen! Barcelona was amazing, but it’s good to be home again as well.

And that was my week up until yesterday! How was yours?


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