100 Happy Days – Week 13

Wow, only ten days left to go! It’s going to be weird to not post a happy days picture every day anymore… Although I could just keep going of course, but I don’t think I will. This week had its ups and downs, but there were definitely some very happy moments!

week 13

Day 84: Really looking forward to starting this one tonight!

Day 85: Look at them gorgeous strawbs!

Day 86: Had a nice time with my friend Fooke today, just getting a quick drink together.

Day 87: Had a great time at my cousin’s birthday party but forgot to take a picture, oops! Now doing a bit of reading before bed.

Day 88: Pizza and tv shows and YouTube videos with my friend Yvonne! Good times!

Day 89: Mmm, risotto a la mama!

Day 90: Cards against humanity and wine!

Those were my happy days! How was your week?

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Hi! I'm Anne and I love reading, baking and writing about both of those things. Welcome!

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