One Autumn Day


When people ask me what my favourite season of the year is, I never know what to answer them. The only thing I know for sure is that it’s not winter (too cold). And probably not summer either (too hot).

That leaves two other options, though, and they both have some very appealing features. There’s spring, when the trees are starting to grow new leaves, and everything is coming back to life. It’s such a happy time of year, with crocuses sprouting in every nook and cranny you can find.

This year, however, I’m very much inclined to say autumn is my favourite season. While I was dreading its arrival at first, I’m embracing it now. I love wearing warm sweaters and drinking even more tea than usual (if that’s possible). And the colours.

When I woke up yesterday and opened my curtains I looked out on a bright blue sky and the most beautiful autumn colours. I decided to bring my camera on my walk to the supermarket and make use of the most extraordinarily beautiful autumn day. I had a spring in my step, and the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Yes, right now, autumn is my favourite. But I’m pretty sure it’s a seasonal thing.


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7 thoughts on “One Autumn Day

  1. I’m exactly the same – once we’re into Autumn I really love it, but then I love the next season once that arrives too 🙂 Nice shots 🙂

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