What I’ve Been Up To [3]

Previously on… Books Baking and Blogging:

I’ve decided to temporarily scale back on the blogposts. I’m going to aim at putting out a blogpost once a week, which I think should be manageable.

– Monthly Recap August, 5 September 2016

Well. That didn’t go quite as expected, did it? Seven weeks it’s been. That’s the longest consecutive period of time I haven’t blogged since I started BB&B three years ago!

It’s not that I didn’t want to blog, it’s just that I’ve hardly had any time to read or bake, let alone write about it. As I said in my last post (which most of you will probably have forgotten about by now), I started an internship at a publisher’s at the start of September, and that – together with one last university course that’s been a buttload of work – has left me with very little free time. After not having had the time to post anything for a few weeks, I decided to just let that go and post something again when the first part of the uni course was over and I would have a little time again. Which is now!


To ease myself back into the whole thing I decided to start with a “What I’ve Been Up To”-post, which I really like to write and seems quite appropriate after this hiatus.

Despite the busy life, I’ve actually been having a good time and I’m doing really well. Before starting my internship I was a little anxious that the 9-to-5 thing for four days a week combined with a university course would be too much for me, since I tend to not do very well when it comes to stress, but I actually feel like the opposite has been the case! Yes, I’ve been whining about how busy I am every now and again, and it’s been tough to get back from interning at 5pm to then have to do homework all evening, but I think I’m managing it pretty well, and that’s actually giving my confidence quite a boost. I guess the knowledge that the busiest part is now over also helps a bit.

The intership itself is going really well, too. It’s been really fun and interesting so far, and now, after the first month and a half is over, I’m also feeling much more sure of myself and my work there as well. Plus, last week they told me they’re really happy with me and my work, so that was another confidence boost. I will be interning there until the end of January, so I’m really quite happy that I’m actually liking it this much. I do wonder if I’ll get used to the early mornings any time soon…

kenwoodIn terms of books and baking, there’s not much to report – OH WAIT. There is! It was my birthday two weeks ago, and my parents got me a Kenwood kMix and it’s red and it’s beautiful and I love with all my heart. It’s currently sitting on a shelf in my wardrobe because I really haven’t got any room for it in my kitchen. I’ve baked a batch of funfetti birthday cupcakes with it and the whole experience was amazing. I think I’m going to try to bake meringues or macarons again soon!

Apart from those cupcakes I didn’t bake anything in the past seven weeks, though, which has been a bit of a bummer. I didn’t read much either – just haven’t had the time or the energy. I did finally finish Empire of Storms a few days ago and I have lots thoughts, so I hope I’ll be able to write a review for it soon. And yesterday I made some Rocky Road for a Rocky Horror Picture Show film night at a friend’s house. So that recipe should be up soon, too!

giphy1Life’s been good these past couple of weeks, but I also really want to get back into blogging, so I once again (foolishly?) pledge to try to post something once a week. I have no idea if I’ll be able to manage it, and as soon as the “pressure” of having to post something starts to take its toll I’m back on hiatus, because I don’t want to make things harder for myself, but I’m going to try. I’ve missed this, and you guys!


So, that was that. I’m feeling a little rusty, I must say. But enough about me – how have you guys been doing lately? Tell me! 

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3 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To [3]

  1. Eeep, life does sound so busy for you!! I hope you don’t get burnt out though. *sends you all the cake* BUT YAY THAT YOU HAVE TIME FOR A LITTLE BLOGGING NOW. I’ve missed reading your posts! And that’s so great that the internship is going brilliantly for you. 😀 (Also Rocky Road?! YUM.)

    1. ❤ I've gotten pretty good at knowing my limits, so I think I'll be able to avoid a burn out! I'm quite conscious of it myself, too, though. Thanks for the sweet comment, Cait, that made my smile! 😀 Also CAKE YAY.

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