My 2020 ‘Bake It List’

My Bake it List

In 2019, I didn’t do a whole lot of baking compared to other years. Especially near the end of the year, I was busy with other things, like finishing writing my novel (more on that later this month!). This year, though, I’m motivated to do tons of baking again! Since starting my blog, I have learned a lot about baking, simply by doing it, by experimenting and making mistakes, and a lot of practice. I love baking – it’s one of the few things (if not the only thing) that can help me clear my head when I’m stressed or anxious. So, it only makes sense to do it more often; it’s the healthy decision. Mental health, that is. I’m not so sure all that sugar is good for my physical health, but let’s not focus on the details.

I also love learning new things, so in order to stimulate myself to bake more and to learn more, I’ve decided to make a ‘Bake It List’ for myself this year. It features baked goods that I’ve always wanted to make but I’ve been too intimidated by to try or things I just haven’t gotten around to trying. If I’m stressed and I want to bake something to relieve that stress, I usually go for the easy, comfortable stuff, like brownies and muffins. This year, I want to challenge myself. Baking something new and succeeding at it gives me such a rush, so that’s what I’m aiming to achieve more in 2020.

This list might be subject to change as I think of more things I want to add, but these are the baked goods I definitely want to try my hand at this year. I’ll update you as I progress through the list!

1. Pavlova

I love making meringue (another one of those things I was too intimidated to try a few years ago), but I’ve never made a pavlova. To be honest, I’ve never even eaten pavlova, now that I think of it. Both of those things will change this year!

2. Scones

Cream first or jam first? I wanted to say I usually go for cream first, but now I’m in doubt… I guess I’ll find out when I finally make these lovely British baked goodies for the first time.

3. Biscotti

Ever since I found out that you need to bake these Italian cookies twice before they’re done, I’ve wanted to try my hand at them. These are so delicious and I can’t wait to almost break my teeth on biscotti of my own making.

4. Bread

I know how to bake muffins, cookies, cakes, and pies, but bread is something I have no experience with. I’ve simply never given it a proper try. This year, I am going to change that. I want to at least bake focaccia, but I think I also want to try an actual loaf of bread of some sort.

5. Éclairs

This one is actually a followup on another baked good I had always wanted to give a go: profiteroles. I made successful profiteroles (together with my mother) in 2018, and back then we immediately said: “we should try éclairs next!” Éclairs are basically oblong profiteroles with a more elaborate filling. Perhaps I can convince my mother to try these together this year!

The profiteroles my mother and I baked together

6. Lemon meringue pie

This is another one I’ve never actually tasted, but it’s such a classic and I’ve always been intrigued by it. I love lemon, I love meringue, I love pie… Should be a perfect match, right?

7. Granola

I have granola for breakfast every single morning and I’ve thought “I really should try making this myself” more times than I can count. It might not really be baking, but I’m going to count it.

8. Lemon curd

Again, not technically a baked good, but I love lemon curd and I’ve always wanted to make some myself. And, of course, I can then use it in that lemon meringue pie I mentioned earlier! That’s just smart thinking, isn’t it.

9. Pumpkin pie

Those of you who’ve been following my blog for a few years now might know that I keep saying that I’ll bake a pumpkin pie every autumn. It has never happened so far. I think part of the problem is that I’ve never tasted pumpkin pie (it’s not really a thing in the Netherlands). 2020 is the year to change that, though!

10. Swiss roll

This one will require a small investment, since I don’t own a baking tin that’s suitable for swiss rolls, but that can be fixed! I’d love to give this one a try, as it requires a bit of technique, or so I’m told.

And that’s it for my ‘bake it list’! Do you have some special bakes planned for 2020? Are there any baked goods you’d like to see me bake this year? Let me know in the comments! 

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14 thoughts on “My 2020 ‘Bake It List’

  1. I LOVE that you have a baking list!! I got some nice baking items for the holidays (new cake tins, spatulas, etc) that I can’t wait to use. I need to bake more and I especially want to try baking from scratch more- I mostly do cookies. But you and my sister both bake so much, it’s very inspirational 🙂 Lemon meringue pie is delicious, you’ll love it!!! I have made scones before and tend to go cream then jam. Happy baking!

    1. Ooh, new stuff is always a good incentive to bake more! 😀 I hope you’ll get to use it a lot and have a great time baking this year! Thanks for your kind comment, Morgan ❤

  2. This is a great list 🙂 I have never attempted to make eclairs! This is something I really want to try now. I’ve also never made a lemon meringue pie, I don’t like meringue so it’s something I just haven’t done. My husband’s two favorite pies are the lemon meringue and Sweet Potato Pie, which tastes just like pumpkin pie but with more flavor 🙂
    I look forward to seeing more of your baking!

    1. Thanks Angie! I’ve never had either pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie – they’re not really a thing in the Netherlands. Good to know that sweet potato pie has more flavour! Maybe I’ll give that one a try then. Funny how those two things (pumpkin and sweet potato) taste so much alike! 🙂

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