My TBR for the O.W.L.s Magical Readathon

It’s nearly April, which means the Magical Readathon is upon us! I participated last year and absolutely loved it, so I’m excited to join again in 2020. In this video, I tell you all about my TBR for the O.W.L.s. If you want to know more about the readathon, I recommend taking a look at this video.

I haven’t made a video in quite a long time (some of you probably didn’t even know I’m on YouTube, too), but I felt the itch to start filming again, so here I am! I’ve decided to start posting all of my videos on my blog as well, so I have one single record of all the content I make. I totally get it if you’re not into watching videos, but I’d love it if you’d like to take a look! If not, that’s fine, too! I’ll still be posting the regular old blog posts as well.

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Hi! I'm Anne and I love reading, baking and writing about both of those things. Welcome!

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