Banana Chocolate Brownies

The very first thing I ever posted on Books Baking and Blogging was my brownie recipe. I’ve made it tons of times since (it’s still a favourite — both with me and my friends), but the other day I decided to give it a new little twist. I had some overripe bananas lying around, and what better way to use these than to bake something delicious with them?

I was having a bit of a bad day that day, so I decided fairly quickly that there would have to be a large amount of chocolate involved with this baked goodie. I also didn’t have that much time, since a friend of mine was coming over — so it needed to be something quick. Solution? Brownies!

My friend Emmie (who blogs!) and I devoured some of these while watching an episode of Friends, and I gave her a couple to take home as well. The next day, I’d just decided that they tasted even better than the previous day when Emmie texted me to tell me the exact same thing! So, if you decide to make these: make them a day in advance! It really does make a difference. On the first day we both felt that a little something might be missing, but that feeling was gone completely on day two.


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Pear and Berry Crumble and a Birthday

I turned 21 on Tuesday, and of course I needed to bake something for the occasion. What’s a birthday without some home made sweetness to munch on? I had a lovely dinner with my parents, grandparents and aunt on Monday, and made an absolutely delicious crumble for dessert. It included all kinds of berries and a couple of pears. Read on for the recipe!

P1010740On Tuesday I celebrated my birthday with a few of my closest friends. They came over for dinner, and of course this called for another really great dessert. I had already figured out what I wanted to make a couple of weeks ago. It was something really simple but also really pretty and so tasty. I made a couple of brownies (recipe) in my muffin tin, added a perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream, and topped if off with some chocolate sauce and a fresh raspberry. One of my friends is lactose intolerant, so I bought raspberry sorbet for her, which also tasted really good. I was pretty proud of how it turned out to look!

P1010743One last birthday related thing I want to share with you all is two of the presents I received. I’ve talked about how much I love Roald Dahl’s Matilda a couple of times before, and about how I still wanted a nice English edition of the book… Guess what my parents gave me? A really gorgeous edition! And my cousin got me a very nice book as well; a cookbook from The Hummingbird Bakery. I’ve already looked through it, and it features some absolutely mouthwatering recipes! I’ll definitely be trying some of those in the future.

Anyway, enough about my birthday. Let’s get on with the crumble recipe!

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Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Brownies

Chocolate orange cheesecake brownies — doesn’t that combination of words just make your mouth water like there’s no tomorrow? That’s what happened to me when I encountered those words on Facebook, and the picture that came with them didn’t help either!

I’ve been following Sorted Food on Youtube for a while now, and they keep amazing me with wonderful and creative recipes. They describe themselves as “a bunch of mates who are out to prove that you can have a bit of fun in the kitchen – cooking doesn’t have to be so serious!” Don’t let this statement fool you, though, they know exactly what they’re doing, mostly because one of them is a trained chef. However, there’s still plenty of banter in the kitchen and they always make me laugh.

I always enjoy their videos, but had never tried out one of their recipes (although this tiramisu cheesecake needs to be made). That is, until these brownies. As you might have read in my previous post, I am quite stressed out because of midterms, and that’s usually the time when I start to crave brownies. I was also feeling a bit bad for not having posted any recipes since the beginning of March, so this was the perfect opportunity to bake these mouthwatering lovelies: it gave me some distraction from studying and stressing, some delicious brain food and something baking related to post today. That’s like a ton of birds with one stone!


These brownies consist of a normal chocolate brownie base made even more delicious with an orange cream cheese filling. They are really easy to make and don’t take up a lot of your time — it’s the perfect treat for a movie night with friends or just as something nice to go with your cup of tea. Although, you really don’t need an excuse to enjoy these; they’re too delicious for that!

You can find the recipe here, on Sorted Food’s website.

I’ll leave you with some pictures I took while making these amazing chocolate orange cheesecake brownies!


Chocolate Brownies (with raspberries)

The brownie – arguably the most loved baked goodie around. I, at least, have encountered few people who don’t like this chocolate-y piece of heaven. There is this one friend of mine who said she didn’t like them — until she tasted my brownies, that is… So here’s the recipe for my favourite sweet treat: the chocolate brownie. I’ve made them with raspberries this time, but if you don’t like that you can just leave them out, or replace them with something else, such as hazelnuts or walnuts.

P1000332You’ll need…

– 200 g dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa)

– 70 g plain flour

– 120 g salted butter

– 160 g sugar

– 3 eggs

– 100 g raspberries (I used frozen ones)

– You’ll also need some kind of baking tin, mine is 20 x 24 cm.

– And, of course, an oven. The brownies need to be baked at 150 °C. Don’t forget to preheat the oven!

So, let’s get baking!

Bain-marie1. Melt the chocolate The first thing you want to do is heat up some water. What for, you ask me? Well, we’re going to melt the chocolate using the “au bain marie” method. This means you put all of the chocolate in one pan (or bowl) and put that one in another, larger, pan (with the heated water in it) on the stove, like in the picture on the left (source: Wikipedia). Make sure no water gets into the pan with the chocolate, and also make sure the water doesn’t boil.

If this seems like to much of a hassle, just melt the chocolate in the microwave. It’s a lot easier, but I just really like the “au bain marie” method.

2. Mix sugar and butter While the chocolate is melting the next order of business is to mix the sugar with the butter. A lot of cookbooks tell you to mix the butter while it’s on room temperature. However, I’ve experienced that the butter and (in this case) the sugar will just form one big ball of goo on your whisk, and that’s extremely annoying. That’s why I suggest you just melt the butter before mixing it, unless mentioned otherwise.

3. Add eggs So, now you’ve mixed the butter with the sugar it’s time to add the eggs one by one. I usually do this is as quickly as possible, because I detest the smell of butter. Haven’t eaten butter on my bread since I was very little, and the smell on its own nauseates me!

4. Add flour Once you’ve added the eggs and whisked them through your batter, you should add the flour to it, and mix the batter again. You’ll notice how everything starts to stick together and the batter gets a lot more texture. That’s because of the flour.

5. Add melted chocolate Now, it’s time to add the pièce de résistance; the melted chocolate! If your chocolate is not entirely melted yet at this point, just gently stir the chocolate, this will speed up the process. Then, once it’s melted, mix the chocolate with the rest of the batter. Don’t forget to turn of the stove!

6. Add raspberries Whisk everything together. Now, doesn’t that look delicious? Add the raspberries to the mixture and gently whisk them through. I suggest using a spoon now, instead of a whisk, so the raspberries don’t “break”. Once everything is mixed together your batter is done!

7. Butter and flour tin, pour in batter and bake Butter your baking tin, and then put flour on every surface of it as well. Once this is done, pour your batter into the tin and make sure it’s evenly spread out. Your oven should be preheated now, so put the tin in it, and set the timer to 25 minutes. Now it’s time to wait!

Do you smell that delicious smell? I think those brownies are almost done! Once the 25 minutes have passed, check if the batter is properly baked by inserting a skewer into it. If it comes out dry, it’s done. If it comes out wet you should let it bake for a little while longer. However, brownies taste best if they’re still a little bit moist, so don’t let them bake too long either!

Once they’re really done, take the tin out of the oven and let the brownies cool for a bit. Then cut them into squares (or whatever form you’d like). They taste delicious while they’re still warm!

And that’s it! Easy peasy, isn’t it? Let me know how your brownies tasted if you decide to make them, and if you’ve got another great recipe and think I’m doing it all wrong, let me know, too!