Shelfies! (Bookshelf Tour)

A few weeks ago Danielle (from Journalitico) posted a post called Just Takin’ Some #Shelfies, in which she showed us pictures of her bookshelves. She mentioned an article from The Guardian, who invented the concept of “shelfies”. I immediately loved this idea, which is basically a parody of the selfie (a picture you take of yourself), at least, that’s how I see it.

Ever since I started this blog in October I toyed with the idea to make a post in which I show you my bookcase, and now such a post had a name! So, without further ado, here are my shelfies!


These are my bookcases in my tiny livingroom. I’m actually quite proud of it because I think it looks really nice. Now let’s see some close ups, shall we?


I present to you: my Harry Potter Shelf! It’s my favourite shelf because, well, it has all my Harry Potter books on it (duh). On the left are all seven of them in English, and the bigger ones on the right are the whole series in Dutch. Oh, and the red thing in front of them is my E-reader, which I also use quite often.


This shelf also holds the copy of Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte DArthur I ordered after having read a tiny part of it in an anthology for an Arthur course I took. I absolutely love Arthurian legend and I plan on reading the entire Morte Darthur one time. When I’ve got time. It’s quite long, you see.


The cookbook shelf! Most of those books are in Dutch, but I bought a few cookbooks (or, well, baking books) when I was on vacation in England a few years ago. On the right you see The Chocolate Bible (the brown book, obviously), which is amazing.


On the left part of that shelf we’ve got the bit that I sometimes find a bit embarassing. The Twilight part. I loved the Twilight series when I was about sixteen; I read them all quite fast because, quite frankly, they were page turnes. I have no idea how I’d feel about them if I’d read them again now, though, since I have grown a bit more sceptical, and am no longer a hormonal teenager.

Oh, and then you’ve got The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. I’ve only read the first one so far, but I plan on reading them all soon (I say that about oh-so-many novels, though).


This is the shelf with all of my study books. I think all of those Norton anthologies looks pretty cool next to each other.


This is the first shelf that hasn’t got a “theme” or anything. You’ve got a few chick lits on the left (behind the photo of me as a little child and my dad), some John Green novels and a few others.


The shelf beneath that one used to be the “older-books-that-I-didn’t-have-to-buy-for-my-studies-shelf” but can no longer hold that title since it also holds another John Green novel and a few others. On the right you can see my beautiful complete works of William Shakespeare.


The top shelf of this bookcase is the “novels-I-needed-to-read-for-my-studies-shelf”. Most of the novels I needed to read for my studies are on my E-reader, though.

Also, I loved Maus. If you haven’t read it, go do so! It’s a heart breaking but quite beautiful graphic novel about the Second World War.

Now, onto the non-book shelves. (I’ve got more books, but they are still at my parents’ house because I don’t have room for all of them)


My collection of the Harry Potter films, next to the Bridget Jones films and my favourite film of all time; Notting Hill.


My collection of Friends dvds! Friends is hands down my favourite television show ever. You will not believe how ecstatic I was when I found out all ten dvds fit perfectly on this little shelf. I’m neurotic like that.


My Sims collection! Yes, I love playing that game, and I ain’t afraid to show it!

And those were my shelfies! I always love to see what other people’s bookcases look like, so I hope you enjoyed this post, too.

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17 thoughts on “Shelfies! (Bookshelf Tour)

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love this idea, except I’ve got to double-stack all my bookshelves because they’re too small to accommodate my ever-growing book collection, so you would never be able to see all of them, haha.

  2. Oh! I like how you did the different styles of book cases together like that! They look really nice, and I do like the white (the white was on sale at my IKEA for $20 less than the black-brown that I got…you are making me rethink my decisions!)

  3. You take a great shelfie! That massive, imposing Darthur looks positively daunting. Love the Norton Anthologies, though, and am mad for their Critical Editions, but I think my fave may be the unexhaustible riches of the Bardy Bard Bard — if ever you begin to enjoy Shakes he’s a friend for life!

    1. Thanks! These shelves have filled up quite a bit since I took these photos – it’s fun to look back. Reading that entire Morte Darthur is on my bucket list! Haven’t started yet, though…

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