100 Happy Days – Week 6

This week was my first full week of vacation and doing nothing. I was quite tired (still am), which probably has to do with the fact that my new glasses aren’t completely right and I have to go to the optometrist again… Shit happens, as they say, and this post is supposed to be all about happy things, so let’s get on with it! Here are the happy moments of week 6 of this challenge!

week 6

Day 35: My Nectarine Blueberry Lemon Sponge is cooling down. Can’t wait to taste it! (And it tasted absolutely delicious! In case you missed it: here’s the blog post.)

Day 36: Went to the pet store with my friends today, and they had baby rabbits! Makes me miss having a pet rabbit sooo bad, but they’re so cute! Look at the little fella!

Day 37: My makeshift dinner consisting of leftovers turned out pretty well!

Day 38: What a game… Cost me ten years of my life, but at least we won! (referring to the World Cup.)

Day 39: A few more pages and then I’ll go to sleep!

Day 40: Made the decision to start getting fit with the help of the Blogilates beginner’s calendar! I’m starting on Monday and am kind of nervous but also excited. Plus, I told you guys now so I can’t back down!

Day 41: Having a very relaxed day on my own. Doing some reading, playing some Sims 2 and drinking loads of tea, and all in my PJs. Just what I needed!

And that’s it for this week! Did you have any particularly happy moments this week?

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