100 Happy Days – Week 7

This week went by crazy fast! But it was a very good one. I had loads of fun with friends and everything was just so laid back and relaxed! I love summer holidays.

week 7

Day 42: Just prepared myself this delicious ciabatta with tuna for dinner! Gonna devour it while watching Friends. Omnomnom!

Day 43: Netherlands go go go!

Day 44: Painted my nails orange for the game last night, and I’m really loving it! I should definitely paint my nails more often…

Day 45: Spent my afternoon making macarons for the first time! The first batch was a bit of a failure but I have high hopes for this second batch that’s waiting to be put in the oven. (blogpost here!)

Day 46: Waiting for The Fault in Our Stars to begin! Excited!

Day 47: Just made this gorgeous Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Brownie for a party tonight! (I made them a while back as well, here’s the blogpost)

Day 48: Cosmos and tv series with my oldest friend!

I’m going back to drinking those cosmos now. How was your week?

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Hi! I'm Anne and I love reading, baking and writing about both of those things. Welcome!

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