100 Happy Days – Week 10

I just got home from my grandparents, where we had a lovely barbecue with some family. Now I’m just in time to post week 10 of my happy days challenge! This week had some very hot days, so I didn’t do all that much, except hang out with friends and trying to stay cool (which wasn’t an easy feat — quite impossible, actually).

100 happy days week 10

Day 63: Last game in the world cup!

Day 64: Loving this T-shirt! It’s my dad’s, but I’m wearing it today.

Day 65: Mini housewarming at my friend Yvonne’s new place!

Day 66: Had a lovely dinner in the sun tonight with a friend.

Day 67: How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, ice cream and weird fluorescent drinks – life is good.

Day 68: It’s so hot in hur! At least there’s ice cream to keep me happy!

Day 69: BBQ with the family! Very happy moment!

On Tuesday I will be going on a small holiday to Barcelona with my mother, so that will hopefully make for some interesting happy days pictures!

How was your week?

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