Five of My Favourite Baking Related Social Media Accounts

A few weeks ago I made a post about five of my favourite bookish social media accounts, and today I figured I’d do the same thing for some of my favourite social media accounts related to baking and gorgeous baked goodies. I love gawking at these Instagram accounts or YouTube videos, and they often provide me with some great inspiration for my own recipes as well!

cupcakejemmaFirst up is CupcakeJemma, which is a YouTube channel run by Jemma (it’s kind of obvious, really). Jemma is the owner of Crumbs & Doilies, a shop based in London which sells all kinds of cakes and cupcakes. Every week, she posts a video in which she shows us a new recipe and how to make it. She explains every step of the recipe in a very straightforward manner and I also love the fact that you can clearly see how much she adores her job. Plus, everything she bakes looks absolutely amazing. If you like baking videos, I definitely recommend checking out Jemma!

Instagram is also a great platform to showcase baked goodies, and the following three bakers certainly know how to work with that. I found Manuela’s Instagram account, Passion for Baking, only about a week ago I think, and I adore her pictures. As do her other 1.2 million (!) followers, I suspect. She’s from Norway and has a couple of baking books to her name already, but they are (currently) only available in Norwegian.

I also recently discover Linda Lomelino, who’s a cookbook author as well, apparently (just read that in her Instagram bio). She posts more than just pictures of baked goodies, and all of her photographs are gorgeous. I love staring at them!

The last Instagram account I want to highlight is Gabby’s account. I’ve followed her blog, Baking with Gab, for ages now and she bakes the most amazing things. An added bonus is the fact that she also takes beautiful pictures of all her masterpieces! She’s currently traveling around Europe and she posts a picture of what she’s been up to pretty much every day. Go check her out!

sortedfoodLastly, I want to point you once again towards Sorted Food. I’ve talked about this YouTube channel before and I will probably do so again because I love this channel. It’s not solely focused on baking, but they do quite a lot of it nonetheless. Sorted Food is run by four guys; Ben, Barry, Jamie and Mike (at least, they’re the ones on camera — there’s a whole team) and besides creating some amazing recipes, they also have tons of fun, which is a big reason why I like their channel so much.

So, those are my five recommendations! Do you have any recommendations for baking related social media accounts for me? Let me know!

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5 thoughts on “Five of My Favourite Baking Related Social Media Accounts

  1. I love foodie social media accounts. I follow Linda Lomelino, too, though that’s purely for aesthetic purposes – I know I’ll never be able to create something that pretty myself!
    I like the Two Red Bowls Instagram – ; is also cool (with some lifestyle pics thrown in) ; Ooh, has a great blog, too!

    And thanks for pointing out passionforbaking, it’s a gorgeous account! 🙂

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