Five of My Favourite Bookish Social Media Accounts

I don’t know about all you other bloggers out there, but I spend most of my time on the internet. Okay, perhaps not most of my time (I sleep a lot too). It’s pretty safe to say that I spend a lot (too much?) of my time online, though. The possibilities are endless, especially now that I’ve discovered the bookish community out there. There are so many cool Instagram accounts and YouTube channels and what not, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you today!

PeruseProjectFirst up is a YouTube channel that I’ve only discovered about two weeks ago, even though it’s a pretty big channel with almost 100k subscribers. I’m talking about PeruseProject by the lovely Regan. She does the usual like book hauls, tags and monthly wrap ups, but she also has some really cool themed videos like “Rainy Day Book Recommendations” among others. I mainly just love the way she talks about books quite in depth without giving any of the plot away and her enthusiasm for reading. I’d definitely recommend paying her channel a visit if you haven’t yet!

blueeyedbiblioNext up I want to give a little shout out to three Instagram accounts with the most gorgeous book photography. I honestly don’t understand how they do it and I quite envy these girls!

I am talking about Emily from @blueeyedbiblio (some of whose masterpieces are pictured on the right), Etaf from @booksandbeans and Cait from @paperfury, who I mainly know from her blog but who’s blowing me away with her Instagram photos as well lately. I love looking (more like gaping) at their photos when I’m scrolling through my feed. So pretty!

booksandquillsThe last account I want to pay some attention to is another YouTube channel. It’s booksandquills by Sanne, who is a fellow Dutchie (though she’s living in London, how cool!). She does a lot of book reviews and hauls, and also collaborates with other YouTubers quite a bit. I really like her style and honestly just quite admire her seeing as she’s a Dutchie with an English degree making it in London. She also posts videos every now and then about things besides books, and I love the videos about the Dutch language she does with other (English) YouTubers. They’re quite hilarious for me to watch!

And those are five of my favourite bookish social media accounts! I might do another post in the future with my favourite baking related accounts, as the internet is chock full of yummy food photography as well…

Do you have any recommendations for bookish Instagram accounts I should definitely follow?

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6 thoughts on “Five of My Favourite Bookish Social Media Accounts

  1. I absolutely adore all of the booktubers you mentioned!! I also really like Ariel Bisett (if that’s how you spell her last name??), although she hasn’t made many videos since she’s been studying abroad in Europe. Anyways, awesome post!

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