My Top Ten Favourite Quotes From Books


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I love this week’s topic! Bookish quotes are best and I’m so glad Goodreads has that awesome “quotes” function. Makes looking for them quite a lot easier! Compiling an actual “top ten” was pretty much impossible for me, though, because I think an amazing book is often just a compilation of some very good quotes. So, I just browsed through my shelves on Goodreads, looking for quotable books that I thought deserved a spot in this top ten. And here it is! As always, these are in no particular order.


There are some very inspiring moments in Fangirl, but this conversation was perhaps what hit me most when I read it. I have a tendency to just avoid situations I think might be painful or awkward, or whatever, but it is very true that that often just means you’re avoiding life.

the book thief

Can we talk about the sheer genius of this statement? I mean, come on. This book is a piece of art and I love it to death.

peaches for monsieur le cure

This one’s more or less in the vein of the Fangirl quote. Joanne Harris’s books as so quotable as well — one of her finely crafted sentences just had to be in this list.

mrs dalloway

While I know a lot of people didn’t like Mrs Dalloway, I did enjoy it very much, and couldn’t agree more with both of these statements…

shadow of the wind

Quotes about books are the best quotes! The Shadow of the Wind is full of them. Which reminds me I still have to read the third book in this series…


I mean, how can I make a top ten of quotes without including John Green? The man is a quote-machine!

sisterhood of the traveling pants

When I started making this list I knew immediately I had to include The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants because those books meant so much to me growing up. And this quote is painfully true.

the new york trilogy

This book is constantly on my mind since I’m writing my thesis about it, so it felt wrong not to include a quote from it. There are not a lot of books that’ve had me thinking as much as The New York Trilogy.

throne of glass

Ah, Throne of Glass, my new love! This is very, very true!

And, of course, I had to end with a classic…

harry potter deathly hallows

Possibly my favourite quote of all time…

And that’s it! Are any of these quotes on your list, too? Or do you think I missed a very important one? Let me know!

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11 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favourite Quotes From Books

  1. I’m loving reading all the quotes. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants – haven’t thought of that book in a long time. And love your HP quote.

  2. I LOVE the Sarah J Maas quote (of course. XD She is so incredible and all her books leave me gasping like a skewered fish) and ohhhh that John Green quote: YES. I often feel like that, actually, and seriously end up on my knees begging my sister to read incredible books. XD And then, if she doesn’t like them, it’s like she’s murdered a butterfly or something and Cait is very very sad. *pats self on the shoulder*

    1. Sarah J Maas is AMAZING. I want to read the other books in the series NOW, but I have to buy them first. Which requires money, usually. And I feel the same about the John Green one! I feel personally offended (and sad) when people don’t like my favourite books xD
      THANK YOU! ❤

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