Monthly Recap – April 2015

monthly recap aprilWelp, there’s another month gone! This month was a bit of a slow one when it comes to reading and blogging. I was dealing with a bit of stress and anxiety due to my thesis deadline coming closer, and I couldn’t really find a lot of time to read or blog. I was feeling a bit blocked when it came to writing blogposts, but that seems to be gone now! This is the second of three blogposts I am writing today, since next week I’ll be in Normandy, France, in a little cottage without WiFi! In fact, at the time you’re reading this I’m already there. Except if you’re reading this like a week after it’s posted. Then I’ll already be back. Anyway. Onto the recap!

Read this Month

read this monthTold you it was a bit of a slow month. Although I really liked it, Gone Girl took me almost three weeks to read. I just couldn’t really find the time to read a lot. Same goes for Scarlet, which I really loved! It also took me more than two weeks to read, though, while it’s really quite a quick read.

Currently Reading

currently reading I started reading Eleanor & Park on Thursday (which it actually is while I’m writing this — this is so confusing) and I am loving it (probably will have finished it by the time you’re reading this)! It is so adorable, so far. Technically, I’ve been reading Dark Lies the Island since March, but I only read the first story so far. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it in France!

Reviewed this Month

  • I read Throne of Glass back in April and I ADORED it. It’s definitely a new favourite, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Anna and the French Kiss is one of the most adorable books I’ve read.
  • I was impressed by the complexity and darkness of Gone Girl — such an insane story!

Baked this Month


Other Posts this Month

4 thoughts on “Monthly Recap – April 2015

    • I still haven’t finished it, oops… I’ve read about three stories so far, and they were really good! I’m just a bit sad I have to read them in Dutch, because it’s for a Dutch site I’m reviewing it for.

  1. Ooh, Normandy! I want to visit it some day – I’ve seen some seriously gorgeous pictures. Will you be posting any of yours?
    Well, you’re way better than me in terms of putting what matters first – my academic obligations are looming ever closer and I’m like NOPE, this does not concern me. I know it will come to bite me in the butt but still…

    • Normandy is absolutely gorgeous! You’ve seen the pictures by now, sorry for the late reply, haha! It’s been because of all those stupid academic obligations. 😉

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